Following funeral, Jerusalem streets blocked to traffic

Following the funeral procession of the late Rabbi Avraham Erlanger in Jerusalem with the participation of thousands of people, the following streets are currently closed to traffic: Yehezkel, Shmuel Hanavi, Strauss Yeshayahu in the direction of Shabbat Square, Nordau, Jaffa, Shamgar and Yirmiyahu in the direction of the Malchei/Sarei Yisrael, Herzl. Shazar and Yirmiyahu in the direction of the exit from the city, Weizmann, Sakharov, Meginei Yerushalayim, Akiva Azulai in the direction of Har Hamenuchot.
With the end of the funeral procession in the near future, all the streets will gradually open to traffic. Police forces are &#111n the scene.

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