Foreign Ministry issues warnings to Israelis in Kazakhstan

The Foreign Ministry has issued the following warning to Israelis in Kazakhstan:
From January 3, demonstrations are taking place in various cities across Kazakhstan. Violent clashes between protesters and police forces have erupted in several cities, including Almaty and Aktau and the Mangystau area, accompanied by injuries and arrests. As a result, &#111n January 5, the government of Kazakhstan imposed a state of emergency and a curfew between 23:00 and 07:00 in a number of hotspots, including in the capital Nur-Sultan, in the city and in the Almaty region, and in the Mangystau region.
For Israeli citizens considering entering the country, we recommend that you exercise extra caution and avoid non-essential visits to the country.
In addition, for Israeli citizens residing in the country, we recommend avoiding mass gatherings, limiting movements and travel, including working from home if possible, and following government and security forces guidelines. Pay close attention to local media.
Israelis staying in the country and interested in transferring their details to the embassy are asked to complete an &#111nline form from the Foreign Ministry for that purpose.

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