Fox rescued after getting head stuck in mayo container

Curiosity could have killed this young fox had an Israel Nature and Parks Authority ranger not been on hand to help release its head from a discarded mayonnaise jar.

“Please help us to look after our wild animals. Throw your trash into the bin,” an INPA spokesperson implored Thursday.

A photograph of the distressed fox joins a collection of images and video clips issued by the INPA last year showing what can happen to wildlife when visitors leave tin cans, plastic wrappers, wet wipes, and other forms of detritus behind.

The lucky creatures featured were also freed from the trash traps by rangers. They included a young fox with its head stuck in a plastic bottle, a turtle entangled in a plastic jute bag, a hedgehog with its head trapped in a tin, a gazelle nibbling a discarded wet wipe, a rock hyrax with its head in a bag of chips, and a fox playing with a piece of plastic.

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