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No one could have predicted how turbulent the year 2020 would be. Most of us celebrated the new year the same way as any other — with a mix of excitement and hope. But, by the end of 2020, many hopes had been dashed, and given the decimating effects of the global pandemic, our excitement levels were at an all-time low. For this reason, resilience and the ability to bounce back are proving to be essential. Here, Francis Volpe and Ryan Buttigieg explore the reasons that 2021 is the year to perfect your skills of resilience.

According to Volpe, adapting to the new normal that the pandemic has created is essential for anyone currently trying to reach success. And to fully adapt to change, you need to be resilient. Expanding on this insight, Volpe says, “If we work on our skills of resilience, then obstacles and setbacks will never be impossible to overcome.” Buttigieg shares that resilience is such an essential skill because it helps you to alter your perception of a situation. Explaining further, Buttigieg says, “Your perception controls how you perceive every situation and affects whether you believe you are succeeding or failing. Those who are resilient can maintain a more positive and constructive outlook, one that allows them to rise above any obstacles they face.”

Volpe explains that as the year 2021 unfolds, it has become clear that resilience is a required skill to continue thriving. Buttigieg shares that the events of the global pandemic were so unprecedented that there was no instruction manual to advise us on how to overcome the issues it created. Expanding on this, Buttigieg explains, “When you don’t know which way to turn, resilience can be your saving grace. Knowing how to stay calm and formulate a new plan is impossible without the skill of resilience.” Volpe shares that resilience is a skill that helps to create industry leaders. “Those who are resilient pave the paths that others in their industry will eventually follow to reach success. When you are resilient, you are confident and unafraid to keep pushing forward. These are the skills of a leader.”

It is undeniable that 2020 was a challenging year that created many hurdles for people globally. Francis Volpe and Ryan Buttigieg believe that to thrive in 2021, you just need to be resilient.

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