Funerals are held across Kabul after ISIS suicide attack kills 170 at airport

Pictured: The little British girl missing in Kabul after her father was one of at least three Brits killed by ISIS-K suicide bomber alongside 170 Afghans including a female journalist and young taekwondo champion

  • Muhammad Niazi, a British Afghan who travelled there from London to help his family at the airport, has bee named as one of the victims of Thursday’s bombing. His wife, youngest child and daughter are still missing
  • Afghan TV presenter tweeted out pictures of a number of those killed in Thursday’s horrific suicide bombing
  • Several families were devastated by the blast, with the death toll currently at 170, many of them young adults
  • Presenter Muslim Shirzad spoke to the MailOnline about the victims, saying: ‘The generation which should have been Afghanistan’s hope has now become a generation of frustration and escapees’
  • It comes after it was announced that two Britons and the child of a British national were killed in the bombing
  • After Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced the deaths, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he will ‘shift heaven and earth’ to get people out of Afghanistan after August 31 as he confirmed the British deaths
  • The announcement of the three deaths came as Pentagon officials in the U.S. said that there was only one suicide bomber involved in the attack, and not two as had been previously reported 


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