Go, and know…


From your native land

From your father’s home

To the Land that I will show you


From your siblings

And their children

That you love

Almost as much as your own


From your grandparents

That you’re terrified to leave

Because they are frail

And their hands tremored when you told them


From your colleagues

And your accomplishments


From your childhood friends

That you can never make again

Because they know

So they laugh at your stories

And only they will ever laugh that way

At your stories.


To The Land that he went to

But know, it will break your mother’s heart

And your children will miss the hugs

That only she can give


To The Land

That will make everything sweeter

And harder

And deeper

And right

To the Land

That will embrace you

In its foreignness

And its familiarity

Its stones

Its spices

Its love


To The Land they wanted to get back to

All those years

And years

But couldn’t


To The Land

And you will pinch yourself

As you eat waffles drizzled with chocolate

On a terrace

With your children

And think of those thousands of years

When they couldn’t


And watch your children

Turn into the people you always dreamed

They could become

As they learn the language

And the empathy

And the resilience

And the pride

And the curses

And the arguments

And the rivers

And the songs


But know that when you watch him

Score baskets

Your cheers

Will be tinged with fear

Because he is young and able

And he loves the country like you taught him to


Knowing they will see and hear things

That will make them grow up too fast

And grow cynical

And believe


So she sees strong women everywhere she turns

And so she loves her curly hair


So they will never have to


With faith

And with fear

With longing

With yearning

Towards the flag

In the sun


With confidence

Because he went

To the Land

He was promised

Your future

Prior to making aliyah in 2014, Yael was a member of the Judaic Studies faculty at Yeshiva University’s Stern College for Women. She has taught continuing education courses at Drisha Institute for Jewish Education and served as resident scholar at the Jewish Center Of Manhattan. She is currently teaching at Matan Women’s Institute for Torah Learning, and lectures widely on topics in Jewish biblical thought.

Source Link: https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/go-and-know/

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