Graffiti calling to kill Arab bus drivers spray-painted in West Bank settlement

Graffiti calling for the murder of Arab bus drivers was spray-painted early Thursday in the ultra-Orthodox settlement of Modiin Illit.

“Kill Arab drivers,” the graffiti said.

Other graffiti found in the West Bank city warned “the damage won’t stop” until the Kavim bus company stops employing “terrorists.”

The word “revenge” was also spray-painted on the back of the bus. It wasn’t clear what this referred to, but the graffiti came amid ongoing protests over the death of a 16-year-old settler in a car crash while fleeing police, after he and his friends allegedly threw rocks at Palestinians.

Police said they opened an investigation into the graffiti.

“The writing on the wall is clearer than ever. The day isn’t far in which drivers will be harmed and it doesn’t matter what sector they’re from,” the bus union said in a statement, according to the Walla news site.

The union also called on authorities to protect bus drivers and apprehend those responsible for the graffiti.

There have been several assaults on Arab Israeli and Palestinian bus drivers in the West Bank in recent years, including a 2018 incident in Modiin Illit that a court later ruled was road rage.

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