Gulf states approach Iran: “Biden undermines regional alliance”

Senior figures in Abu Dhabi and Riyadh make it clear that the main reason for the shift in Saudi Arabia’s and the United Arab Emirates’ position towards Tehran is that the regional anti-Iranian coalition formed during Trump’s tenure and culminating in the signing of the Abraham Accords has disintegrated.
A senior Abu Dhabi source told Israel Hayom that “the problem is with Biden and his administration, who have done everything in their power to dissolve Trump’s achievements in normalizing Israel and to drive a wedge in the regional defense alliance formed between the two countries in the face of the Iranian threat. The sale of F-35s to the Emirates, as well as Washington’s opposition and vetoing the sale of weapons we need. We were not surprised by Saudi Arabia’s attempt to promote a positive dialogue with Tehran in light of the disrespectful treatment of Biden and his government towards the Saudi monarchy and the kingdom in general.”

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