Hamas threatens to escalate violence along Gaza border

Hamas threatens to escalate violence along Gaza border | The Times of Israel

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Ahead of planned riots, terror group warns it will resume launching balloon-borne incendiary devices on Sunday

The Times of Israel is liveblogging Saturday’s events as they happen.

Fire breaks out in south amid Hamas threats to renew arson attacks

A fire has broken out in the southern Eshkol Regional Council.

There is no immediate word on what sparked the blaze, which comes as the Gaza-ruling Hamas terror group threatens to resume arson balloon attacks.

Pentagon says two ‘high profile’ Islamic State targets killed in Afghanistan strike

WASHINGTON — A US air strike in Afghanistan kills two high-profile ISIS targets and leaves another wounded, the Pentagon says.

No civilians are hurt from the attack early today, which follows a suicide bombing on Thursday that killed scores of people, including 13 US troops, at the Kabul airport, Major General Hank Taylor tells a news conference.

Bennett holds Shabbat service for Israeli delegation at DC hotel

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett organized a Kabbalat Shabbat service for the entire Israeli delegation, including the traveling press, at the hotel where they are staying in Washington.

The delegation was not scheduled to stay the weekend, but after Bennett’s meeting with US President Joe Biden was delayed due to the deadly terror attack in Kabul, the premier’s team made arrangements for him to spend Shabbat at the hotel, including setting up a makeshift synagogue.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett greets members of the traveling press who are with him on his US trip, at a Friday evening sabbath service organized for the Israeli delegation at their Washington hotel. (Screenshot/Channel 12)

Hamas threatens to escalate violence along Gaza border

Ahead of planned border riots this evening, the Gaza-ruling Hamas terror group’s “nightly confusion units” vow to gradually escalate up violence along the border with Israel.

Following tonight’s riots, Hamas says that it will resume launching incendiary balloon-borne devices tomorrow.



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