Hot spots: Tel Aviv officials mystified by steam emerging from under city homes

Searches continued Saturday for the source of boiling water that has steamed out of the ground in Tel Aviv, baffling municipal officials.

The steam was noticed Thursday outside two apartment buildings in the city’s Ibn Gabirol Street, leading to the evacuation of residents over fears it could be gas leaking from an underground gas deposit.

While officials have determined that the vapors were not causes by gas or dangerous chemicals, and were in fact boiling water, their source has not yet been determined.

“A mystery!” Tel Aviv Deputy Mayor Zippi Brand Frank wrote after visiting the site. “For three days now steam at a temperature of 60 degrees [celsius] has been coming out of a smoking hole… What can this be?”

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Posted by ‎ציפי ברנד‎ on Saturday, January 2, 2021

Residents of the buildings were permitted to return home on Saturday evening. Geologists said there was no danger to the stability of the building or infrastructure, according to the Ynet news site.

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