IDF says it stopped sniper attack on election day

March 2 (UPI) — The Israel Defense Forces said Monday it prevented a potential sniper attack when it struck a vehicle on the other side of the border in Syria with a missile.

Israeli officials said the attempted attack came as citizens were out in large numbers to vote in national elections Monday.

“Even on Election Day, our enemies are trying to hurt us, hurt the citizens of Israel, and disrupt the routine of our lives,” Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said. “Even today, like throughout the year, we will stop our enemies and prevent them from disrupting the routine of our lives.”

Syrian state media claimed that Israeli forces fired over the Golan Heights to strike a civilian vehicle near the border in Quneitra.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the vehicle struck by Israel was affiliated with a militia supported by the Syrian government. The organization said the strike destroyed the vehicle but it was not known if anyone was inside.

The Syrian Observatory said Thursday an Israeli drone hit a vehicle connected with the “Syrian Resistance forces to Liberate Golan Heights.” The Israelis also bombed Syrian positions south of Damascus on Feb. 24, killing two Palestinians in Islamic Jihad Movement and four Iranian-backed militiamen.

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