Intel. Minister Cohen: Iranian entrenchment in Syria is a red line

Speaking on Radio 103FM this morning, Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen commented on Tuesday night’s IDF attacks on Iranian installations in Syria, and stressed the necessity of responding harshly to Iranian provocations and incidents from Syrian territory.

“Iranian entrenchment in Syria is a red line for us, and every violation of Israeli sovereignty will be dealt with harshly,” Cohen said, noting the cross-border attack that led Israel to respond with attacks of its own.

Asked to comment on the decision of Defense Minister and Blue & White leader Benny Gantz to establish a commission of inquiry into the Submarine Affair, Cohen said, “Gantz’s decision stems from political considerations – his party is crashing in the polls, to the point that there’s doubt that he’ll even pass the electoral threshold when elections are held. Recall that it was Gantz himself who said, just a few weeks ago, that there was no need for such a commission of inquiry. The police have already made their own investigations.”

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