Israel braces for weeklong scorcher

Israel is set to be hit with a weeklong heatwave, peaking on Wednesday, with temperatures rising to a scalding 42°C (108°F) in some areas.

The heatwave will affect the entire country, beginning Sunday. Temperatures will steadily rise, hitting highs of 36°C (97°F) in Jerusalem, 35°C (95°F) in Tel Aviv and 42°C (108°F) in Tiberias on Wednesday and Thursday, before cooling slightly over the weekend.

The Health Ministry urged Israelis, particularly the elderly and those with chronic diseases, to avoid excessive sun exposure and to drink large amounts of water.

Its health advisory also noted that face masks to protect against COVID-19 are not required outdoors.

The Israel Nature and Parks Authority called on Israelis to avoid lengthy hikes starting Sunday for 10 days, citing the dangerously hot weather. It also underlined the ban on setting fires in national parks.

Last month, Israel saw heatwave that coincided with its Tisha B’Av fast day.

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