Israeli baseball players sorry for breaking Olympic bed for TikTok

Israel’s Olympic baseball team apologized Thursday after uploading a TikTok video of players jumping on a bed in the Village.

The video was apparently humorously attempting to test the rigidity of the recyclable cardboard beds by having more and more players bounce on it until it finally gave way.

By the end of the video, nine players managed to simultaneously jump on the bed as it collapsed slightly.

“We meant no disrespect, and just wanted to show off how effective and sturdy the beds are in the Olympic Village,” said Ben Wagner, the player who uploaded the original video said.

Wagner explained that the team had an extra bed available to them, and were told it would be recycled after the Games.

“The bed in the video has since been recycled,” he said.

“We actually enjoy sleeping on these beds, and think they are a great and sustainable option for future Olympics,” Wagner added.

The trend of “testing” the beds started after a false rumor claimed the renewable materials were aimed at discouraging intimacy among athletes, and were soon labeled “anti-sex beds” on social media.

This led to a number of athletes trying to disprove the theory by uploading footage to the TikTok platform of themselves jumping on the Olympic beds.

The Israeli Olympic Committee in a statement said that after seeing the video, they called the team’s manager for a meeting and to see if there was an explanation.

Peter Kurz told the committee that “the players committed a childish prank.”

“They apologized and expressed remorse over the mischievous act,” the manager added.

The committee said it condemns such behavior and that a “clear message was conveyed to the players.”

The baseball team will face off against South Korea on Thursday afternoon in the opening round. Israel beat the South Korean team at the World Baseball Classic in 2017.

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