Israeli boy, 9, dies in Thailand after jellyfish sting

A 9-year-old Israeli boy living in Thailand died after being stung by a venomous jellyfish on Saturday, Hebrew media reported on Sunday, citing Thai media.

According to the reports, the boy and his family have lived for several years on the Ko Pha Ngan island in southeast Thailand.

On Saturday, the family was spending time at the beach when the boy was stung by a jellyfish, believed to be a poisonous box jellyfish.

Medical personnel administered first aid to the boy, according to the Ynet news site, but could not act in time to counteract the venom from the jellyfish bite.

However, the Kan public broadcaster reported that the boy did not receive immediate first aid, and he was pronounced dead in a local hospital.

The Israeli Embassy in Thailand was reportedly in contact with the boy’s father.

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