Israeli government spending millions to hack itself

Israel’s State Comptroller’s office has decided to check the government’s information security systems in an unlikely way, hiring dozens of hackers to try and breach the data banks, Channel 13 reported Monday.

According to the report, comptroller Matanyahu Englman has authorized the effort in a bid to determine just how secure is the personal information of Israeli citizens.

The project will cost millions of shekels, Channel 13 reported, noting that the hackers will all have to be approved by the Shin Bet security service.

It is unclear why the Comptroller’s Office needs to take on this task, given that Israel has a dedicated National Cyber Directorate to protect Israel’s cyberspace, along with its intelligence services and the IDF.

The report comes at a time where Israel has faced several apparent attempts by Iran to hack into civilian infrastructure, including its water supply.

Fears of further Iranian efforts to target Israel have been heightened by the recent killing of Iran’s nuclear chief, which Tehran has blamed on Israel.

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