Israeli man shot dead in Baltimore during visit for family wedding

An Israeli man was shot dead at the entrance to a relative’s home in Baltimore on Sunday in what police said appeared to be an attempted robbery.

According to FOX45 News, Efraim Gordon, 31, was visiting the United States for a cousin’s wedding when he was shot and killed.

“We believe that was an attempted robbery that turned fatal,” said Commissioner Michael Harrison.

Local councilman Yitzy Schleifer said that the suspects were seen on CCTV footage walking around the neighborhood before approaching Gordon shortly after he parked his vehicle.

“What we saw closer to this location is them walking through the street, his car pulls up, he parks it and he’s going to the house normally and that’s when he was approached,” Schleifer told FOX45 News.

Schleifer told CBS Baltimore that the shooting was particularly tragic given the reason for Gordon’s trip to the US.

“They go from a high point of having their relative’s wedding, and families finally seeing each other for the first time in a long time and to have a relative come in from out of the country just for a week, to be gunned down is horrific,” he said.

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