Kollel students' wives: “This is a test for Yamina”

The wives of Kollel students in Religious Zionism, who have been waging a struggle in recent months over the issue of Kollel subsidiaries, responded to the High Court’s decision.
“The High Court judges acted with common sense, but for us they did the obvious. They understood that this decision was made with the aim of educating us, rudely, insensitively, and with a hard feeling that this move was meant to harm the world of Torah.
“To our delight, the High Court has given us breathing space to continue to fight &#111n the political level. But this is also a test for Yamina, it is time for them to decide – are you with Lieberman or with Torat Yisrael? “, It was reported.

Source Link: https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/Flash.aspx/564147

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