Labor MK, suffering spinal ailment, votes for government while lying down

Sometimes you have to stand up for what you believe in, or not.

Labor MK Emilie Moatti came directly from the hospital to the Knesset on Sunday to vote for the incoming government, while lying down.

Moatti is suffering from a spinal ailment — a rare infection after a routine medical check she underwent last week — and was unable to stand.

With her approval, Channel 12 publicized a photo of the lawmaker, apparently lying on a stretcher in the plenum.

Newly elected Knesset Speaker Miki Levy chose not to deliver his planned speech so that the government vote could be held right away, sparing Moatti any delay.

“I prepared a speech and worked on it. But MK Emilie Moati arrived here by ambulance to vote and we want to free her up to return (to hospital,)” Levy said.  So I will give up on the speech and just thank you for your faith in me.”

She was taken back out of the chamber as soon as she had cast her vote. With the coalition winning the Knesset’s approval by the narrowest possible simple majority, 60-59, every vote was crucial.

Moati, 40, a former social activist and television presenter and political commentator, joined Labor as a candidate in 2019.

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