Lapid: Netanyahu govt halted planting in 2020; we can halt planting now

Commenting &#111n Bedouin riots in the Negev in the wake of JNF tree-planting in the area, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid insisted that halting the planting was a valid response.
“Twelve years of abandoning the Negev and neglecting the problems of the Bedouin there are not going to be solved in a single day,” he said. “The State of Israel must plant trees &#111n its land, but it is not obligated to harm the livelihoods of the local residents. Just as the Netanyahu government halted tree-planting in 2020, we can also halt the planting now. This government of change is committed to solving the Bedouin problem in the Negev and restoring order there.”
Lapid stressed that, “Politicians from all parts of the spectrum need to calm the situation and not inflame it. I condemn the violence and support the police in their efforts to restore order.”

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