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Former UK speaker Bercow denounces Johnson and defects to Labour

The colorful former speaker of Britain’s House of Commons John Bercow says he has left the Conservatives to join the opposition Labour Party, saying the country is “sick of lies” under Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In an interview with the Observer newspaper, the Jewish former MP says the Conservative Party under Johnson is “reactionary, populist, nationalistic and sometimes even xenophobic.”

Speaker of Britain’s House of Commons John Bercow makes a statement in the House of Commons in London on whether Government can hold a debate and vote on the Brexit deal with Europe, October 21, 2019. (House of Commons via AP)

Bercow, who stepped down as speaker in October 2019 after 10 years, says he joined the Labour Party a few weeks ago because he shares its values.

“I am motivated by support for equality, social justice and internationalism. That is the Labour brand,” he tells the Observer. “The conclusion I have reached is that this government needs to be replaced. The reality is that the Labour Party is the only vehicle that can achieve that objective. There is no other credible option.”

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