Likud MK pledges to “erase the memory of this government”

MK Shlomo Karhi (Likud) addressed the right-wing demonstration in Jerusalem this evening (Thursday), and leveled harsh criticism at the government.
“We have come here to demonstrate against the anti-Zionist government, the destruction of new settlements, the destruction of Judaism, and slavery to the Muslim Brotherhood. We have come to warn of the destruction and devastation that the government is inflicting &#111n the State of Israel. What a disgrace. We will not allow a few people to sell our nation and our homeland,” said Karhi.
“I come from the Negev, from near the Gaza Strip. Someone who would give up Homesh will abandon the Negev, and whoever abandons the Negev will also sell the Land of Israel. Homesh will not fall again. We will erase every memory of this government and establish a strong, right-wing government led by Netanyahu.”

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