MK congratulates Netherlands on halting funds to UAWC terror group

The head of the Israel-Netherlands Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group, MK Yael Ron Ben Moshe, congratulates the Dutch government and Ambassador to Israel, Hans Dokter, &#111n the decision to stop funding the UAWC terrorist organization.
In the letter, MK Ron Ben Moshe wrote: “I would like to congratulate you and the Dutch government &#111n the important decision that the Netherlands will stop funding the Union of Agricultural Committees. I sincerely hope that our countries will be coordinated &#111n these issues in the future, in order to ensure that Dutch funding money reaches legitimate targets and not terrorist financiers.
“The Netherlands and Israel have many collaborations in the future, and I look forward to continuing to promote inter-parliamentary ties between the two countries. As head of the inter-parliamentary friendship group of Israel and the Netherlands, I will continue to help strengthen relations. I see this step as another step in strengthening understandings and cooperation between the countries, “added Ron Ben Moshe.

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