MK Kahana: Secret deal between Likud, PA is one step too far

MK Matan Kahana of Yamina responded to the publication according to which the Palestinian Authority has held secret talks with the Likud in recent weeks regarding support for Prime Minister Netanyahu.

“The alleged secret deal revealed this morning between Bibi and Abu Mazen is one step too far taken by the Likud led by Netanyahu. After when last week the Likud accepted the terrorists and terrorist-supporters from Balad and Ra’am, it has now been revealed that the Likud is in an election deal with Abu Mazen?

“Something bad is happening to Netanyahu and the group of advisers that surrounds him. Record after record of cynicism is broken on the back of the State of Israel. A secret election agreement with Abu Mazen is a dangerous precedent. It is amazing that all this happens about a minute after Netanyahu campaigned on the great danger of cooperation with the joint list. The Likud has gone out of control. Sad.”

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