MK Maoz in a letter to coalition members: How do you sleep at night?

Following the outraged statement of Deputy Minister Yair Golan, the chairman of the Noam party MK Avi Maoz from Religious Zionism sent a letter to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, Minister Gideon Sa’ar, Minister Ayelet Shaked, Minister Zeev Elkin, Minister Matan Kahana, Lach Edith Silman, MK Nir Orbach and MK Yom Tov Chai Kalfon.
In a letter, Maoz wrote: “You are serving in your positions mentioned above, thanks to the voice of MK Yair Golan, who today called the Homesh settlers ‘sub-human’. Look in the mirror and face the conscience you still have left. How do you sleep at night? “
Maoz referred to the various condemnations that came out &#111n their behalf and wrote: “No condemnation that has come out of your mouth will benefit or be considered if you continue to serve in these positions thanks to that lowly voice and in partnership with him. The moral stain that rests &#111n you will be recorded in the history of the State of Israel forever. “

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