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There’s a growing concern over financial security as economies experience turbulence. In an effort to secure a personal financial future, many people are becoming more focused on financial freedom. Nebo Bandovic has found his financial freedom through real estate investing and mentorship.

“I am very unique…I am an immigrant and didn’t go to American schools like other people, yet I made it in real estate,” says Nebo Bandovic. In 1985, he left his home in Yugoslavia to live in the US. At the time, he didn’t speak English, and he had less than $10 in his pocket. But what he lacked in necessity to get by, he made up for in perseverance. Nebo valued hard work and determination. He refused to let any obstacle prevent him from building the life he dreamed of.

Nebo was inspired by real estate investment when he discovered the potential in the passive income it offered. He built the best brokerage in Texas, Florida, and New York, offering agents training and mentorship services. Nebo sets himself apart in that he offers 100% commission paid at closing and low transaction fees. His agents, then, get to reinvest their savings into real estate. Nebo finds great joy and satisfaction in knowing all of his years of hard work have paid off. He knows he isn’t the only one who has benefited. The agents he works with have benefited from his expertise as well.

“I don’t know if there is anyone who has a story like mine. Coming in with no English, to play pro soccer and I was one of the best soccer players…Then a successful real estate investor and broker,” says Nebo Bandovic.

Nebo never allowed his circumstances to be a limitation. Instead, he learned to take risks and solve problems. Nebo is the “real deal” in real estate investing and believes anyone can with the right training.

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