One of the captured prisoners: 'It took us 9 month of digging'

PA news agency Ma’an reported today (Wednesday) that according to two of the escaped prisoners, Yacoub Qadri and Mohammed Ardah apprehended after breaking out of Gilboa Prison, they began digging their way out as early as December 2020 – about nine months ago.

The remarks were made through their lawyers, Khaled and Raslan Mahagna.

“They started digging in December of 2020 and continued until this month,” said the lawyers. “During the escape [they] had a small radio from which [they] followed news from the outside world.”

According to the prisoners, after making their escape, they arrived at a mosque in the Arab village of Na’ura in northern Israel and from there split off into pairs.

Channel 13 News published the report.

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