PM on German newspapers' list of craziest dictators

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has made it to the list of the seven craziest dictators in the world, published last week by the Berliner Kurier and the Hamburger Morgenpost, according to nrg. The list cites Netanyahu for refusing to accept the two-state solution and for building in Judea and Samaria to provoke the Palestinian Authority.

Israel’s embassy in Germany responded by saying, “The fact that an elected prime minister of a democratic country is on the same list with some of the world’s worst dictators indicates the level of understanding of the newspaper for world affairs. Hopefully this kind of anti-Semitism will soon be over for our people.”

Volker Beck who heads the German-Israeli Friendship Committee in the German parliament said, “You can criticize Israel, but it must be done proportionately.”

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