Prof. Blitzer: Millions will be infected, many in critical condition

Prof. Ran Blitzer, head of the cabinet of expert advisers to the government, referred in an interview with the newspaper Israel Hayom to the spread of the Omicron strain and the recent severity in the number of cases.
“There are no predictive models for what it will be like when the Omicron reaches its peak. At the moment we do not know how many people will be infected at the peak, and the estimated date for it. There will be millions of infected, so there will also be many severely hospitalized,” Blitzer said.
He also referred to the new testing outline, saying: “If we could preserve the previous testing policy in the reality of tens of thousands of infected a day we would do it. But since this is not possible, certainly not when the numbers continue to double, changing guidelines is necessary. The organizations would not have been able to provide tests &#111n schedule with any further doubling of the number of daily infections.”

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