Protest organizers demand investigation into police conduct

The leaders of the protests against the judicial reform claim that the police used excessive force against demonstrators in the Tel Aviv region.

“Less than 72 hours after the demonstration in favor of the dictatorship, in which the Israeli police opened the ramp to Ayalon for the supporters of the dictatorship, the police today resorted to disturbing violence against the supporters of democracy. We must not turn a blind eye to what happened tonight. We demand that the commissioner hold an emergency hearing on the matter tonight and that the National Security Ministry investigate in depth the shocking violence, including the inappropriate use of a pumper truck aimed directly at demonstrators at short range, the use of an acoustic weapon against us for the first time, and the beating of a protester that did not pose any risk. We cannot allow Ben-Gvvir to use the police against us violently and turn it into his militia. The dictatorship cannot be allowed to permeate the ranks of the police.”

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