Regavim: Formulate comprehensive solution to Bedouin crime problem

The Regavim Movement commented on the incident in which a Bedouin thief broke into the Nevatim Air Force Base.

“If you ignore a problem when it’s small, you’ll have to deal with it eventually – and by then it may have grown beyond control. In the last two weeks alone the Negev has seen horrific and varied forms of criminal behavior: The shocking sexual assault of a little girl in her home, the break-in at the Israel Air Force base at Sde Teiman that included a stun grenade attack on our soldiers, a string of robberies in Be’er Sheva that were caught on film, a massive ammunition heist, and now, a break-in at the Nevatim base, where Israel’s top-secret aeronautical technology is housed. The State of Israel must draw the line, and formulate a comprehensive, all-encompassing and non-negotiable solution to the problem of Bedouin crime in the Negev,” said Regavim.

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