Released Jordanian murderer incites against Israel

Former Jordanian soldier Ahmed Daqamseh, just released after serving 20 years in prison for murdering seven Beit Shemesh schoolgirls and wounding dozens of others, engaged in anti-Israel incitement during an interview with Al-Jazeera Television on Sunday. Daqamseh said, “The Israelis are human waste that peoples of the world vomited before us. Unfortunately, they came to the purest land after Mecca and Medina.” He continued, “We must eliminate this waste by incineration or by burial. If it is not in our generations, so in future generations.”

Brushing off a publicist’s criticism of the shooting of seven girls as not being heroic, Daqamseh said, “Everyone has their opinion. I believe that their words were biased. Palestine needs every Arab and every Muslim.” He also said he does not want to enter politics.

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