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“Modeling teaches you to be completely conscious of the camera. Acting is being totally unconscious of it.” – Phoebe Cates

While the world idealizes beauty in the modeling industry, the truth is, the profession is not just about being glamorous. It’s more than just the runway, high heels, and designer clothes. It’s about hard work, passion, and being able to present your best self to millions of eyes waiting to scrutinize your every move. Modeling is not for the faint-hearted. There may not be lines to memorize or sequences to act, but it takes a great deal to hide your emotions and look naturally attractive. One famous face from the modeling world, Rosiane Maia, shares how her family and friends support her in pursuing her goal. She has been storming the modeling industry for quite some time now and is also a health expert who transforms lives.

Rosiane was discovered by the renowned Photo Vogue Italia in the early 2000s because of her father, a professional photographer with a refined sense of visual aesthetics. It was he who paved the way for her career as a model. Young and beautiful Rosiane was ready to take on the world on her own terms when she learned about Photo Vogue Italia from her dad. Being published on the platform is regarded as an enormous accomplishment. She and her father took it as a challenge to be accepted by the editors of Photo Vogue Italia. What started after that was a series of shoots in exotic locations like parks and other natural surroundings.

Without any real experience in modeling, Rosiane nailed it. She taught herself to be oblivious to all the noise around her and just focus on the camera. She and her father ensured that each frame conveyed a story without any words. Teamwork paid off as the photographs were selected to be featured on Photo Vogue Italia. It officially marked the entry of Rosiane into the modeling industry. She went on shooting at different locations worldwide and also won first place on a bikini modeling photoshoot by Teeny Bikinis. However, the young talent didn’t limit her achievements to the world of glamour.

After modeling for some time, Rosiane realized how women were often devalued in this profession. People judge models only on their looks and what they wear. That’s when she decided to showcase her abilities and pursue her dreams of helping people. She graduated with a master’s degree in occupational therapy and also became a certified kinesiologist. Her profession earned her even more recognition as some of her projects helped patients improve their daily lives and functional performance.

Throughout her journey as a model and health expert, Rosiane has been grateful for the unwavering support of her family and friends. She knows she can even fall back on her family and loved ones today whenever she faces any challenges in her career. She takes nothing for granted and believes that every action leads us to become the person we are.
Rosiane is now focused on helping more people live better and happier lives. She is working hard to transform lives positively and will continue her journey balancing both roles of being a model and health expert.

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