Sources in Likud: Netanyahu extended Gaza op over Lapid mandate

After ten days of confrontation with Gaza, there are also voices in the Likud that cast doubt on the direction in which the party’s chairman and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is leading, Maariv reports.

A senior political adviser who is a member of the party, quoted in the report, said: “Netanyahu is playing on the operation in Gaza to extend the mandate days given to the chairman of Yesh Atid Yair Lapid to form a government, without any real plan. Nor does he seem to have a real desire to eradicate Hamas. He leaves ruins in the relations between the Arabs of Israel and the Jews. Netanyahu is galloping toward a fifth election and taking the country hostage. The collapse of Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett gives him a boost, but support for him within the Likud is weakening. “

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