Teen neo-Nazi who talked about ‘gassing’ Jews is UK’s youngest terror convict

A UK court on Monday sentenced the country’s youngest terror convict, a 16-year-old who fantasized about “gassing” Jews, hanging gay people and “shoot[ing] up their parades,” to two years in a youth rehabilitation center.

The defendant from southeast Cornwall, who cannot be named as he is a minor, pleaded guilty last week to 10 counts of possessing terrorist material and two counts of disseminating terror documents.

The court heard how, at just 13, he obtained instructions for how to make bombs and Molotov cocktails, how to build an AK-47 rifle and how to fight with a knife. A year later, he began collecting terror materials and sharing far-right, racist ideology in online chatrooms.

In 2019, the defendant became the British cell leader of the neo-Nazi group FKD (Feuerkrieg Division), which idolizes and promotes mass violence.

The boy managed to recruit five members through encrypted messages on online chatrooms, including a 13-year-old Estonian and a British teen rugby player, who was jailed for planning a terrorist attack.

The group wanted to carry out a “white jihad” along with a genocide of non-white people, the UK court heard.

The defendant had purchased a poster showing an atomic bomb mushroom cloud over the country’s parliament with the caption “sterilize the cesspit that you call London.”

One of the boy’s recruits was an undercover British police officer, leading to the raiding of his home in July 2019.

Police didn’t find any guns, but a Nazi flag and other related materials were collected.

The boy told police that he wasn’t a racist, was thinking about leaving FKD and had simply been trying to “look cool” online.

Material seized by British police from the home of a boy in Cornwall convicted on terror charges. (Courtesy/British police)

Handing down his sentence on Monday, Judge Mark Dennis told the boy that he had entered an “online world of wicked prejudice,” according to Sky News.

Dennis noted that the defendant, who was accompanied by his grandmother at the sentencing hearing, had expressed remorse and had been “susceptible to the influence of others.”

The judge warned that additional offenses would lead to a far harsher penalty.

Source Link: https://www.timesofisrael.com/teen-neo-nazi-who-talked-about-gassing-jews-is-uks-youngest-terror-convict/

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