The Finance Committee discusses tax oils and fuel substitutes

The Finance Committee, headed by MK Alex Kushnir, began today (Tuesday) to discuss orders stipulating excising tax or purchase tax &#111n taxable materials, fuel substitutes, and other materials, similar to the tax imposed &#111n diesel, in order to stop the import and production of diesel substitutes, which causes damage to state revenues, black capital, damage to vehicles, air pollution and damage to public health, as well as exemptions for relevant industrial plants.
Kushnir opened the committee’s discussion: “I think it is no secret to anyone, and we are all witnessing a growing phenomenon of the dilution of these substances in fuels to circumvent the tax provisions of the State of Israel. We all know that this fuels crime and criminal organizations. Our principles are: &#111ne to collect real tax, and two to prevent excess taxation &#111n industry as well as &#111n consumers.
”Therefore in light of recent talks, I would like to postpone the entry into enforcing the order until 1.1.22, until then we will have to do further work with the committee and with the government, to make sure that the principles I mentioned at the beginning are maintained, &#111n the &#111ne hand to prevent illegal activity, and &#111n the other hand not to charge excess tax, ” Kushnir added.

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