The Papers: Jabs for over-16s, and 'King Kenny'

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i front page - 04/08/21

Times - 04/08/21

Daily Mail - 04/08/21

Daily Mirror - 04/08/21

Metro - 04/08/21

Daily Express - 04/08/21

Guardian - 04/08/21

Daily Telegraph - 04/08/21

Financial Times - 04/08/21

Daily Star - 04/08/21

The paper sees it as a “major shift” in policy by scientists – with Downing Street “expected to accept the advice immediately” – “paving the way” to a rollout later this month.

Teenage girl receives Covid jab

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It says increasing amounts of safety data have become available for 16 and 17-year-olds, due to the widespread use of the vaccine by those with underlying health conditions.

The paper suggests the change “could lead to potential conflict” between teenagers and their parents, over whether they should get the jabs.

The Daily Telegraph claims Britain, the US and Israel have threatened to “strike back” against Iran’s suspected seizure of an oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman days after Tehran was blamed for a fatal drone attack on another ship.

According to the paper, the three nations are “increasingly concerned” about “aggressive” Iranian actions in the Middle East, and have been holding secret talks with other countries.

The Telegraph says British special forces are understood to have been sent to the region, amid “growing speculation” that a cyber attack against Iran is being considered.

Writing in the Guardian, Sir Keir Starmer accuses Boris Johnson of going “missing in action” over the climate crisis.

The Labour leader claims the prime minister has produced a “cabaret of soundbites” rather than the global leadership needed.

Sir Keir fears the UK could fail to deliver, when Glasgow hosts a major UN climate summit in November. He highlights how ministers scrapped measures to reduce emissions, and is critical of the decision to consider a new coalmine.

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Red line

Boris Johnson’s holiday plans are front page news for the Telegraph, which believes the prime minister won’t be going abroad this summer.

His staycation, it says, “will match thousands of Britons” who’ve opted to avoid the complexity of foreign travel.

The paper goes on to claim Mr Johnson is facing “mounting pressure” to relax the rules with official data showing that fewer than one-in-60 people returning from amber or red list countries are testing positive for Covid.

According to the Times, minsters will announce on Thursday that Spain has escaped being placed on the red list, while the 10-day quarantine for fully-jabbed travellers returning from France will be lifted.

Photographs of Team GB’s athletes are everywhere, following what the Daily Telegraph calls “Terrific Tuesday” – eight medals at the Olympics.

The front of the Mirror is a huge image of the cyclists, Jason and Laura Kenny, showing off their silver medals. “King Kenny” is the headline, after Jason became Britain’s most decorated Olympian – level with Sir Bradley Wiggins on eight medals, but with one more gold.

Keely Hodgkinson after winning the women's silver in the 800m at Tokyo 2020

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Photos of Keely Hodgkinson are featured by the Times, the Guardian and the Metro, which says the 19-year-old was “stunned” after breaking the British record to win the 800-metres silver.

Even the Financial Times isn’t immune, showing the Norwegian 400-metres hurdler, Karsten Warholm, ripping open his shirt after smashing his own world record to claim gold, in a race it says drew comparisons with the greatest moments in Games history.

Karsten Warholm of Norway reacts after setting a new world record in the 400m at Tokyo 2020

image sourceReuters

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