US forces trained the Guinean colonel behind the recent coup in West African country

REVEALED: US Green Berets TRAINED the Guinean colonel behind the nation’s recent coup: ‘Embarrassed’ Pentagon officials deny any involvement but admit they were caught off guard

  • Col. Mamady Doumbouya led special forces into the presidential palace and deposed the country’s 83-year-old president Alpha Condé
  • Doumbouya is a familiar figure to American forces who have help train 100 Special Forces members led by the Colonel and have worked with him for years
  • Due to the timing and the close relationship with the Colonel the current situation has been an ’embarrassment’ for the Pentagon, the Times reported 
  • A video of American solders smiling as they make their way to the U.S. Embassy on Sunday has led to suspicion of American involvement in the coup
  • Doumbouya’s coup was most likely fueled by tensions within the defense establishment who deprived his Special Forces unit of resources

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