With Israel’s morbidity down, UK no longer requires travelers to isolate

Travelers from Israel will no longer have to quarantine upon arrival in the United Kingdom, according to UK guidelines updated on Thursday.

The new guidelines state that the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office no longer advises against non-essential travel to Israel or requires arrivals from Israel to quarantine for two weeks.

Israel’s COVID-19 morbidity has dropped considerably since September highs that saw thousands of new cases diagnosed every day, following a second national lockdown, though health officials have warned in recent days that illness rates may once again be tilting upwards.

Meanwhile, Israel still deems the UK a “red country,” requiring Israeli arrivals from there to self-isolate for two weeks upon arrival.

The UK’s Foreign Office says the West Bank and Gaza remain on its list of territories from which quarantine is required upon arrival.

On Wednesday, the Interior Ministry agreed to ease coronavirus restrictions and allow entry into the country for first-degree relatives of new immigrants who have come to Israel within the last four years.

Currently, only Israelis and foreigners with a residency visa are allowed to fly into the country. Those landing from so-called “red countries” — those with high coronavirus rates — must observe a 14-day quarantine.

Additionally, a limited class of non-citizens, primarily first-degree family members, are allowed into Israel for lifecycle events such as births and weddings, with each case evaluated individually by the Interior Ministry.

At the same time, Israel continues to allow new immigrants into the country.

Source Link: https://www.timesofisrael.com/with-israels-morbidity-down-uk-no-longer-requires-travelers-to-isolate/

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