US Jews: Trump spreading anti-Semitic trope by accusing Jews of ‘disloyalty’

President accuses Jewish Americans who vote for Democrats as being disloyal or ignorant, in latest bid to politicize Israel and his feud with Tlaib and Omar

Major Israeli city defends ‘voluntary gender separation’ at male-only public event

Responding to a complaint by women’s rights group, Haifa says issue is moral, not legal

Arab MK calls Israeli efforts to encourage Gaza emigration ‘ethnic cleansing’

At Joint List campaign launch, Aida Touma-Sliman says Netanyahu should be put on trial at the ICC 'for all the crimes he's committed'

To please Trump, Netanyahu turned Omar, Tlaib and BDS into front-page news

Israel's interest was to minimize the attention given to Omar and Tlaib, and highlight broader support among Democrats in Congress

Trump: Jews who vote Democrat show lack of knowledge or ‘great disloyalty’

US president rejects call by Ilhan Omar to cut aid to Israel over travel ban, blasts congresswomen who 'hate' Israel and Jewish people

Israeli police said mulling probe into teens cleared of gang rape in Cyprus

Authorities under pressure to prosecute under local revenge porn laws after video of sex with British tourist shared online

Intel launches artificial intelligence chip developed in Israel

Tech giant has invested more than $120 million in three AI startups in Israel

Israel won’t allow Palestine Cup soccer game, cites ‘security reasons’

Palestine Football Association slams reason behind refusing entry for Gaza team members as 'a complete lie' after Shin Bet argues they're associated with terrorism

Trump ‘doesn’t buy’ Tlaib’s tears, claims she ‘hates Israel and all Jews’

US president steps up attacks against congresswoman banned by Israel after her emotional press conference

PA: Israel’s encouragement of Gaza emigration ‘extremely dangerous’

Resident of Gaza City says Palestinians leaving coastal enclave because of lack of jobs; World Health Organization official says doctors departing Strip at increasing rate

Trump again attacks Tlaib: I don’t buy her tears, I have watched her ‘violence, craziness’

Omar and Tlaib appeared a day before at a news conference with Jewish leaders from their districts and called on all members of Congress to visit Israel and the West Bank

With Gaza-Israel border incidents, Hamas trapped between push for calm and public thirst for resistance

Gaza group struggling to balance civil rule of the Strip, which includes agreements with Israel, and its commitment to military actions against the occupation

FACT CHECK: No, Pakistan is not holding an Israeli pilot and Haaretz did not ask for his return

Fake story is the latest in a series of doctored Israeli newspaper headlines alleging that an Israeli pilot was arrested in Pakistan following an India-Pakistan confrontation

Netanyahu willing to stand up to Trump on peace plan, says official

Senior Israeli official says PM has conveyed to US president what policies he'd reject, told him Israel must have 'complete control' of all areas west of the Jordan River

Gaza emigration ploy suggests Netanyahu hell-bent on torching Israel’s image abroad

As if the Tlaib-Omar debacle wasn’t enough, the prime minister pours 'ethnic cleansing' fuel on the dumpster fire of Israel’s PR

As the world gets hotter, is it OK for men to wear shorts to the office?

Israeli businessmen are learning that even the scorching summer doesn't justify flip-flops if they want to get ahead

Explosion rocks arms depot of Iran-backed militia near Baghdad

Previous blasts targeting munitions warehouses in Iraq have been blamed on Israel

Ignoring or downplaying price of West Bank annexation is playing with fire

As Israelis head to election in less than a month, it's critical to debate annexation – only if its proponents are willing to admit the truth about the repercussions