Netanyahu: If war is imposed on Israel, we’ll act with full force

Prime minister adds that Israel's ties with 'the moderate Arab world' have reached an unprecedented turning point

Netanyahu signals Israel won’t curb activities against Iran

Speaking at memorial for soldiers who fell in 1973 Yom Kippur War, prime minister says leaders should have launched a preemptive strike

Nasrallah: Despite Israel’s efforts, Hezbollah has acquired ‘precision missiles’

Head of terror group says Israeli strikes in Syria have failed to thwart weapons deliveries, warns Israel 'will face a destiny and reality it didn't expect' in next Lebanon war

Converting outside the courts of the Chief Rabbinate

Haredi opposition threatens Israeli democracy, the rule of law, the judciary’s independence, and the partnership between Israel and world Jewry

Russian embassy: Israel’s irresponsible actions led to death of 15 servicemen

Russia's Israel embassy: Israel's irresponsible actions led to death of 15 servicemen

Oslo’s Jewish rejectionists are in power – and closer to a Greater Israel than ever before

Today, the most strident Israeli and American opposers of Oslo, from Netanyahu to Kushner and Friedman, have the upper hand

Fasting Israeli soccer player sits out Yom Kippur game, until nightfall

Star striker Tomer Hemed brought on toward end of English team Queens Park Rangers 2-0 victory after gobbling down bananas and pasta at close of Day of Atonement

Nasrallah: Hezbollah getting precision rockets despite Israeli actions

*This is a developing story*

Israeli Arab poet Dareen Tatour, convicted of incitement, released from prison

Tatour served five months after being convicted of incitement to violence and supporting terrorism over a poem

Israeli telecom equipment maker ECI considering London IPO

Petah Tikva-based maker of communication networks is seeking to raise some $230 million in a bid to pay off debt and increase visibility, Reuters reports

Israel upgrading and reinforcing nuclear sites in light of Iranian threats, atomic energy chief says

Threats 'require Israel to take action and continue to protect and defend its nuclear facilities,' Zeev Snir says as Tehran demands UN supervise Israel's nuclear program

On Israel and Duterte: It’s complicated, but good

It was our professional obligation was to host him, and the fruits of the visit are already evident

Hezbollah boasts group has ‘highly accurate’ missiles despite Israeli efforts

Hassan Nasrallah claims Lebanese terror group improving military capabilities, says IDF strikes on weapons convoys in Syria ineffective

Germany’s SAP’s Israeli R&D center gets boost from cloud venture with Alibaba

Software firm's branch in Raanana says it's recruited dozens of new employees for a collaboration with China's e-commerce giant