Special Editorial: Democrats First

The despicable incidents over the past few weeks have laid bare a dark truth: the Democratic Party has become a safe harbor for anti-Semites

Israelis and Palestinians fed up as bid to end burning of e-waste fails

223 plastic-burning sites have been found in Palestinian villages and Israeli settlements, but such industries' importance in the West Bank economy make it difficult to find a solution

Democrats introduce anti-BDS resolution that backs two-state solution

Effort seen as answer to Republican attempts to promote legislation that does not distinguish between Israel and settlements in the West Bank

Faced with new wave of West Bank attacks, Israeli army will have to adapt

When the army faced a similar wave of brazen attacks in the fall of 2015, the commanders were quick to change tactics

Israel’s submarine affair is serious. Then Netanyahu opened a Pandora’s Box

Many former security officials describe the affair as the most significant corruption scandal Israel has known

How Netanyahu team’s Golan-for-peace talks with Assad failed

Officials involved in the prime minister's past talks with Damascus say they included detailed scenarios for an Israeli withdrawal from the Golan in exchange for Syria’s disengagement from Iran

Arab media personality regrets visit to Israel: 5 things to know from past week

Ex-PA minister says Hamas made 'fateful' error in cracking down on protests in Gaza; Jordan's former ambassador to Israel asserts Jewish state and US 'killing' two-state solution

Diaspora Jews await a post-Netanyahu era, but then what?

Many Diaspora Jews feel it would be easier to defend Israel without Netanyahu – but he has served as a distraction from real differences between them and Israeli Jews

Trump denies Golan Heights announcement meant to help Netanyahu re-election campaign

President says 'whoever’s against him is also in favor of what I just did' amid claims that support for recognizing Israeli sovereignty in Golan is geared at boosting prime minister

Trump tweet does little for Golan, but much for Netanyahu, critics charge

Any US recognition of Israeli sovereignty won't actually change the legal status of the territory, but it will likely boost Netanyahu at the ballot box

A Brief History of the Golan Heights, Claimed by Israel and Syria

On Thursday, President Trump tweeted about a hilly plateau beside the Sea of Galilee that has been one of Israel’s quieter frontiers for 52 years

Zahavi equalizer gives Israel 1-1 tie against Slovenia as Euro play starts

National soccer team begins campaign to qualify for Euro cup tourney for first time ever, faces Austria at home on Sunday

Trump’s support for Israel’s sovereignty over Golan Heights expected to make waves at UN

President Trump on Thursday tweeted his support for the United States to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights, but like his move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Trump's decision is at odds with United Nations resolutions and likely won't bode well with U

Trump’s Golan declaration: Blessing for Netanyahu, message to Russia

The international response is likely to be weak, and returning the Golan isn't something most Israelis support

By recognizing Golan, US seen ‘solving’ a problem that doesn’t exist

The status quo on the plateau, in which Israel's control was neither recognized nor challenged, will likely be upended by Trump's move, and not in Israel's favor, experts warn

Israeli troops got off easy after abusing a Palestinian family. Here’s what actually happened

A family of shepherds living in miserable tents, a father and son brutalized at the hands of Israeli soldiers: The painful and ongoing saga of the Shalada family of Kobar

The Golan Heights and Trump’s announcement, explained

Why Israel has increasingly pushed for international recognition of its annexation of the Golan and what the US move could mean

AIPAC downplays absence of Democratic presidential contenders at Conference

Senators Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris among those staying away from the March 24-26 event in D

Having been ‘knifed in the back,’ these Israeli Druze won’t be backing Bibi this time around

The Druze have a history of voting for right-wing parties, but this Election Day they vow to help unseat those behind the legislation that turned them into 'second-class citizens'