Israel approves new treatment plan for polluted Yarkon River

The Yarkon is the largest river in Israel that flows into the Mediterranean; a rehab plan designed by the Water Authority is set to save it from running out of natural water resources

Israeli crime ‘princes’ inherit their fathers’ mantles, and the police’s scrutiny

The sons of a few crime bosses stepped into the vacuum left by their fathers’ incarceration, becoming new targets for law enforcement

Dr. Alice Shalvi: Equal education of Orthodox women is changing Israeli society

The fight for parity in Israel is only just getting started, says the 91-year-old champion of religious feminism

IDF says false alarms triggered border sirens as airstrikes continue over Gaza

10 Hamas 'terror targets' destroyed in latest retaliation after bomb injures four Israeli soldiers, rocket hit Sha'ar Hanegev home

Congress is helping the U.S. fray its ties with the Palestinian Authority

It appears the vast majority of congress members are determined to widen the power disparity between Israelis and Palestinians in almost every way possible

Netanyahu has lies, but not a policy

An honest leader would admit that he’s against annexation and help Israelis give up impossible and immoral dreams of sovereignty over the West Bank

Israel’s right wing has never told the truth

Jerusalem is united, there's no occupation, the settlements are legal – all lies

It’s not an F-16, it’s God

For Israeli Jews, air force jets are divine; the air supremacy they are supposed to afford makes them omnipotent

Journalist examines a century of dueling Israeli-Palestinian narratives

In 'Enemies and Neighbors,' former the Guardian writer Ian Black gives voice to everyday people on both sides of the ongoing conflict

Hamas says it used anti-aircraft missiles against Israeli jets over Gaza

Terror group says Israel responsible for 'escalation' amid rocket fire from Strip, IDF airstrikes on 'military targets' after four soldiers wounded in border bombing

Gaza border explosion: The other side may have found Israel’s weak point, and the army must adjust

If Hamas doesn't come to its senses and put out the fire, the danger of war will loom once again

Amid the chaos of Syria, will Israel and Iran launch an all-out war?

Neither country will benefit from a new Middle East conflict, but unless they cease military clashes, such as those inside Syria last weekend, hopes of peace remain fragileTensions between Israel and Iran have hit a new high following last weekend’s unprecedented military clashes inside Syria

4 Israelis Hurt by Bomb Set in Flag at Gaza Fence, Igniting Night of Fighting

Israel responded with airstrikes on an attack tunnel and five other targets across Gaza

Palestinians denounce PA over meetings with Israeli officials

Opposition factions say talks between counterpart ministers and other government representatives violate PLO, Fatah decisions to 'disengage' from Israel

Gaza border attack injures 4 Israeli soldiers, retaliation attack by IDF follows

Four Israeli soldiers were wounded when a device exploded Saturday at the southern Gaza border in an attack that was quickly retaliated by Israeli forces

Mueller indictments and Israeli police set up Trump-Netanyahu Goodfellas summit

When powerful and narcissistic leaders face similar troubles, each is convinced his pickle is bigger