Polish ex-diplomats say officials politicizing Israeli spitting incident

29 former ambassadors sign open letter criticizing the government of Poland's response to man who spat at Polish envoy in Tel Aviv

Poland’s militant nationalists are targeting scholars of the Holocaust, with help from an Israeli historian

Nationalist Poland's 'official history' of the Holocaust is based on the myth of Polish national innocence - and the state and its proxies have mobilized a brutal, relentless attack on independent scholars who challenge their lies

Israeli study finds how obesity can increase breast cancer rates

Theory maps out previously unknown molecular mechanism that regulates both so-called ‘cancer genes’ and other genes that suppress cancer

Arming dictators, equipping pariahs: Alarming picture of Israel’s arms sales

Extensive Amnesty report cites Israeli sales to eight countries who violate human rights, including South Sudan, Myanmar, Mexico and the UAE ■ Amnesty calls on Israel to adopt oversight model adopted by many Western countries ■ Senior Israeli defense official: Export license is only granted after lengthy process

Recep Tayyip Erdogan expects F-35 jets 'sooner or later' despite Russian missiles purchase

May 19 (UPI) -- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Sunday he expects F-35 jets will be delivered "sooner or late"r to his nation despite a deal with Russia to purchase the S-400 surface-to-air missile system

Jimmy Carter finds a renaissance in 2020 Democratic scramble

Allies of longest-living former US president, a perennial critic of Israel's policy on Palestinians, hope praise from prospective presidential candidates will bolster his legacy

Arab League calls on Germany to reverse anti-BDS motion

Official says Bundestag resolution denouncing boycott movement tactics as anti-Semitic is biased in favor of Israel

Israeli culture minister criticises Palestinian flags at Eurovision

Madonna and Icelandic band Hatari displayed the flags at competition’s final in Tel AvivThe Israeli culture minister, Miri Regev, has criticised the display of Palestinian flags during the Eurovision song contest final in Tel Aviv on Saturday night, including by one of Madonna’s dancers

17 wounded in bombing of tourist bus near Egypt’s pyramids

Israeli consul in Cairo says no Israelis injured in blast; South Africans, Egyptians said to be among those hurt

Israel strikes down limit on ministers in government at Netanyahu’s behest

Prime minister hopes party leaders would let go of lofty demands 'so that we can build a strong and stable government together'

Who is behind Israel’s Archimedes Group, banned by Facebook for election fakery?

Website of company that boasted it would 'change reality' for clients was registered by Grey Content, an ad firm that creates public service TV spots for Israeli ministries

There should be nothing wrong in waving Palestinian flags at Eurovision | Michael Segalov

As an audience member in Tel Aviv I saw the flags of many nations on display, why not those of Israel’s neighbours?There were loud boos in the Tel Aviv Expo Centre on Saturday night, and not just when it was announced that voters in Greece and Cyprus had once again awarded each other the full 12 Eurovision song contest points in their annual display of allegiance

Israel’s Eurovision chief: Madonna slipped Israeli, Palestinian flags into show

Meital Cohen says organizers did not notice pop stars' backup dancers wore political symbols banned by contest; Culture Minister Regev condemns 'inappropriate' display

West Bank archaeological digs must not be made public, Israel’s top court rules

Supreme Court rejects NGOs petition, arguing that publishing information publicly could expose archaeologists to academic boycott and undermine Israel’s position in future diplomatic negotiations