Trump’s Golan Heights diplomatic bombshell was bound to drop. But why now?

Trump couldn't wait until Netanyahu joined him in Washington on Monday, and his calculated move right before the election could cause Israel damage

Israeli army attacked Hamas post in Gaza; two Palestinians said wounded

The Israeli military says attack was in retaliation for violent protests and incendiary balloons that were launched toward Israel from the Strip

Gantz is target of most fake news for 8th week running — report

One false item claims Gantz phone hack was ordered by a senior official in the Blue and White party and carried out by an Israeli company, Vocativ media company reports

Two Israelis lightly injured in West Bank firebomb attack

Troops launch search for suspects after Molotov cocktail thrown at car near Nablus; two injured treated by army medics, taken to hospital

Meet the strategist fighting to win both the Israeli and American elections

Respected Democratic adviser Mark Mellman is simultaneously working to unseat Netanyahu while defending Israel against his critics in Washington

Israeli leaders gush over Trump’s Golan statement, ‘a Purim miracle’

No immediate reaction from Syria after US president says time to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the strategic plateau; Palestinians warn of possible 'bloodshed'

2020 Dems Keep Their Distance From Pro-Israel AIPAC Conference

Activists successfully pushed the candidates over the gathering's hard-right tilt, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif

Pompeo denies US seeking to bolster Netanyahu’s re-election bid

Secretary of state says his visit to Israel meant to bolster ties US-Israel ties: 'We can't let election schedules drive the work we are doing together'

Israel blanketed by millions of butterflies

Thanks to unusually large migration from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, more than 10 million cross Israel on their way to Europe

Trump: U.S. should recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights

President Donald Trump said Thursday that the United States should "fully recognize" Israeli sovereignty of the disputed Golan Heights between Israel and Syria

Netanyahu tells Trump he has ‘made history’ with Golan move

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told U