At UN, 8 European countries urge Israel not to demolish Palestinian village

Envoys from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands warn razing Khan al-Ahmar would undermine peace efforts

Putin has little choice but to allow Israel to continue operating in Syria

Putin is an expert dancer in the delicate balance of feeding anti-Semitic conspiracy theories to his public while maintaining personal relations with Israel

‘Intimate conversations happen only on the way to food’

This week at the Tel Aviv airport: An Israeli flying to El Salvador who would marry his best friend – if he was a girl, and a New Jerseyite who founded a startup to make a living

Wanted: A tax policy for Israel’s economy, not for elections

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon’s ban on tax hikes may be a crowd-pleaser but will lead Israel astray

IDF aircraft fires at Gazans launching arson balloons at Israel

Strike comes after at least nine blazes sparked Thursday by airborne devices

New Jordanian ambassador to arrive in Israel within days

Jordan earlier this week announced the appointment of Ghassan Majali, who previously served as envoy to Spain

Israeli Arab charged with incitement to terror over Facebook posts

Nongovernmental organization Adalah calls 66-year-old's arrest 'political persecution'

Ex-aide to Jimmy Carter named head of UN probe into Gaza clashes

Argentinian Santiago Canton replaces David Crane, who reportedly quit Human Rights Council panel after it emerged he had previously done advisory work for the Israeli government

Donald Trump thinks the Jews aren’t grateful enough

'But I gave them Jerusalem!' A recent report warned of a 'growing frustration' in the White House for U

Israeli Ultra-Orthodox radio station forced to pay 1 million shekels in damages for keeping women off the air

A class action lawsuit was filed against an ultra-Orthodox radio station by multiple women for not being able to hear women's voices on the radio station

Air force chief briefs Moscow on downing of spy plane, Iranian activities

Israeli delegation says meetings to resolve spat over a friendly fire incident in Syria held in 'good spirit,' with emphasis on maintaining deconfliction mechanism

Netanyahu responds to Nasrallah: If Hezbollah confronts Israel, they’ll ‘get a crushing blow’

Nasrallah said Thursday that Hezbollah is getting precision rockets despite Israeli actions to cut smuggling routes through Syria

Trump Admin Pressed to Deny Palestinian President Entry to U.S.

The Trump administration is being pressured to prevent Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas from entering the United States to participate in the upcoming United Nations General Assembly, a platform Abbas routinely uses to bash Israel and foment violence against it, according to a letter sent to the Trump administration and viewed by the Washington Free Beacon

Not just millennials: These older U.S. Jews are disillusioned by Israel too

The media may have focused on young American Jews’ disconnect from Israel, but a growing number of older U

With treasury’s support, Regev introduces bill to defund ‘subversive’ art

Proposed law would withhold state funding from works that deny Israel is Jewish-democratic country, promote racism, incite violence, destroy state symols

Bennett backs Elkin in Jerusalem mayoral race as cabinet tensions simmer

Likud minister trades barbs with Yisrael Beytenu's Liberman over latter's alleged behind-the-scenes support for Moshe Lion in October vote