Brace for Cold War 2.0: Trump’s China offensive isn’t just about trade

And as the conflict mushrooms, Israel could easily find itself having to make some uneasy choices

Israeli housing prices essentially unchanged over past several months

The central district, which does not include Tel Aviv, is the only one where prices have increased over the past year

Israel and Nelson Mandela’s moral legacy | Letters

Yehuda Avivi, an Israeli embassy spokesperson, defends his country against the charge of being an apartheid stateBy adopting an extreme anti-Israel position, ANC MP Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela (My grandfather Nelson Mandela fought apartheid

Israelis should aspire for coexistence personified by Arab-Jewish celebrity marriage

The Israeli Arab broadcaster's decision not to apologize for what she is or the person she fell in love with should be a model for the new Israeliness, which doesn't surrender to people who preach racial purity

Senior Egyptian intelligence official arrives in Gaza for talks

Cairo has recently undertaken efforts to advance intra-Palestinian reconciliation and a possible ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

Ancient fish teeth reveal intensive 3,500-year-old aquaculture in Sinai

By studying chemical traits in the bones of gilthead seabream found in Israeli archaeological sites, scientists have unearthed the oldest known example of intensive fish farming

Lawmaker makes history as third woman to serve in Israeli Arab party

Neven Abu Rahmoun sworn in, vows to step up protests against nation-state law

Wentworth divided by possible move of Australian embassy to Jerusalem

Jewish community’s byelection forum dominated by Israel, climate change and refugee issues The surprise announcement by the prime minister, Scott Morrison, on Tuesday that Australia may relocate its embassy to Jerusalem appears to have divided Wentworth’s Jewish community, a forum on Tuesday night suggested

Palestinian baby clings to life after receiving heart from Israeli child

The transplant marked the first time that a Palestinian baby received a heart transplant from a Jewish child

Palestine accuses Australian PM of jeopardising Middle East peace

Officials lobby Arab countries to reassess ties after Scott Morrison considers moving embassy from Tel Aviv to JerusalemA senior adviser to Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, has accused Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, of destroying the chances of Middle East peace in order to win a byelection, after Morrison said he might recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Virginia GOP accuses Democratic candidate of hating Israel – which means she hates America

Virginia Republican Party in an ad accused Democratic House candidate Leslie Cockburn of hating Israel and America

Netanyahu lashes out at heckler: ‘You’re boring us’

The woman interrupted the prime minister and asked why an emergency room had been closed in northern Israel

US-Israeli startup wins prize for AI software that helps teachers grade tests

Sense Education's technology, which makes it easier to give students personalized feedback, is honored at EdTech summit in Spain

Democrats push back after NY Times says the party is drifting on Israel

Chuck Schumer, the New York senator and minority leader, told Jewish Insider: 'Senate Democrats are very strongly pro-Israel and will remain that way'